Martin King March 1st 2010 is the morning I woke up and decided, “Hey I’m going to write a book.” Having already a degree in the art of idiotic ideas, at the time this had to be one of my all time craziest. The only books I had ever read were comic annuals and my literary skills ranged somewhere between zilch and diddly-squat.

I spent most of my scholary time camped at the resident ice-cream van parked outside West Craven High School buying Wham bars and Jawbreakers, the latter being responsible for the large metal content in my mouth commonly known as fillings.

I didn’t need books to captain a frigate on the seven seas or to be the next super hero – and if anyone tells you at the age of twelve I was spotted running down my street with a blanket tied around my neck, pretending to save the world – well okay, it’s true. But please don’t tell anyone.

On paper my qualifications as a children’s writer are nonexistent. But that is the magic of your imagination. You don’t need people telling you what you can and can’t be when you grow up. You can be anything you want to be. And now, I’m an author - I think.

Not that I wanted to be a writer of books. Born back in 1967, when I was growing up, boys only had three choices to choose from; fireman, an astronaut or a footballer. Being honest, I chose door number four. Now apparently it doesn’t exist, although your parents and teachers all refer to what lies beyond the other side with phrases such as ‘throwing your life away’, ‘becoming a dosser’ and such. The truth was I didn’t know what I wanted to be, until now.

Have you ever set out to do one thing and ended up veering off course? Had you planned on scoring the winning goal in the school cup final, only to be sent off unfairly after ten minutes? Were you always going to have a cool red sports car, only to end up with driving a three wheeler? And then marriage comes along and children and then...

Before you know it, nothing has panned out how you planned. All those dreams you had when you were younger, or all the advice your careers officer gave you. Well that piece of paper ended up flushed down the toilet years ago. But do you know what?

Come closer and I will tell you a secret. Something massive that no text book or exam ever prepares you for. In fact the only advice you ever had when you were younger that was right, was from the books you read. You know that sentence at the end of every story; lives happily ever after! Well it’s fair to say that although I never wanted to write books, or get married (to the beautiful Zoe), raise kids (take a bow Brad my son) and just about every other eventful thing in my life – it has been the best journey ever!

So thank you for taking the time to read about the madness of Martin King. I hope you and your family and friends and all their friends, in fact tell everyone in the whole world to read my books… You see dreams do come true. Enjoy!
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