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The Jack Hunter stories are not just stories – they’re also games. The latest adventure even comes with its own App so you can play along in 3D. Join in with Jack and his friends as you find the clues, unlock the secret, solve the mystery and discover the treasure… for yourself! Hope you have fun :)
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About Jack Hunter - The French Connection

Two integrated games

The French Connection comes complete with not one, but two games. At the beginning of the book you discover an Ottendorf Cipher has been placed throughout the pages.


Solve the cipher to find how to open a hidden doorway on the site.

Unlock the hidden door

A wall will split open to reveal a secret passageway.

Solve the puzzle

Solve puzzles as you make your way deeper underground.

Discover the treasure

Find the treasure room and retrieve the hidden chapter.

Crack the code

Then use the code-breaker to decipher the numbers at the end of the story to unravel a vital clue to book three.

An ancient language

Did you unlock the ancient symbol language and find a clue to the fourth book?

The 3D adventure game app

Click on the tablet and be transported back in time to 1392 A.D.

About Jack Hunter - Secret of the King

Find the clues

You begin your journey within the pages of Secret of the King. Collect the special letters in each chapter to solve a secret message.

Unlock the secret!

Go online to the Jack Hunter Games website and find the treasure chest.

Solve the mystery

Find the answers to the clues hidden around the site to unlock the treasure chest.

Discover the treasure

Use the code-breaker to decipher the numbers at the end of the chapters and unravel a vital clue to book two.